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$379M Economic Impact

About The Summit

In partnership with the International Christian Chambers of Commerce, the Israel Export Institute and the Israeli Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, this Summit will host over 1000 international Christian business people from around the globe, connecting them with Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs to facilitate an exceptional matchmaking experience.


  • Imagine the latent energy in a group composed of entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. Now drop that into Israel and watch that energy get magnified and unleashed. That’s the Summit. A literal explosion of creative discussions, rich connections and revealed opportunities.

    Scott Weiss
    Chairman OCEAN Programs
  • Meeting so many value-driven entrepreneurs from around the world, through our collaboration with ARISE, has been a fantastic experience. The crowd that ARISE connects to the Israel innovation community are some of the most motivated, responsive, approachable business people I have ever met.

    Leo Bakman
    Chairman, Israel Innovation Institute
  • “What a JOY to see future entrepreneurs from around the globe, including business and political leaders, researchers and students creating a new innovation ecosystem at the ARISE Summit; doing business for the good an peace of society. We are co-creating the future of business.”

    Jan Sturesson
    Chairman ICCC International Board
  • ARISE’s events are run with excellence, efficiency and precision. They are an irreplaceable connection point between the booming excess of Israeli innovation on one hand, and the surging demand for real solutions to humanity’s crises on the other. The amount of lives which they positively impact worldwide is simply staggering.

    Adiv Baruch
    Chairman, Israel Export Institute
  • The valuable contribution of ARISE to the Israeli economy, the activities of the Israeli bi-national chambers of commerce and our business communities, goes far beyond words and beyond numbers. Many people talk big about business development. ARISE builds actual connections, good will and trust between actual people, which creates actual transactions and beneficial cooperation at a level that goes beyond anything we have ever experienced.

    Marian Cohen
    Chairman, Israel Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce

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