Track 1

Cyber Security ...we are watching you

Depart Jerusalem and travel to Tel Aviv

Meet with Cybereason.   Hear from one of the founders how their team uncovered the major 2019 attack on teleco’s in 30 countries over 5 continents!! They are rewriting the rules on how organizations protect themselves against rapidly evolving adversaries. Today’s threat environment requires understanding the adversary and attack landscape. Since they started in 2012, their technology has stopped the world’s most advanced cyber-attacks. And they harbor even greater ambitions.

Visit Argus Cyber Security.   Founded by ex IDF 8200 unit members, this company has focused on the cyber threats inherent in the transportation markets.   From the connected automobile to the cyber threats in air or rail transportation, this company is the thought and market leader in this space.  Acquired by Continental AG in 2017 for $430M, the Israeli team.

Lunch on your own in Jaffa followed by a tour of Jaffa, Israel’s ancient port and the colorful sister city of Tel Aviv. Learn about the biblical references to the city and discuss the challenges of triumphs experienced by the Arab and Jewish residents.

Continue to Checkpoint who developed the first internet Firewall continues to be the leader in the Cyber security sector. Visit the international headquarters and hear about their latest suite of products and their analysis of the threats of the future

Finish the day with a visit to the Center for Israeli Innovation at the Tel Aviv stock Exchange.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 2

From research lab to field

Visit to the Agricultural Research Association (ARO) Volcanic Institute.   The Israeli institute for agricultural research.   See how Israeli farmers benefit from the research that is done here. While encompassing the full range of agricultural research activities, ARO focuses in particular on arid zone agriculture, enabling Israel – a country short of all the resources required for agriculture – to achieve among the highest levels of agricultural output in the world.
Meet with Prof. Dani Shtienberg the Director for Strategic Development

Rehovot is the home of the Hebrew University School of Agriculture.   We will meet with one of the foremost researchers in the field, Dr Oded Shasoyev, whose lackluster grades failed to get him into the undergraduate chemistry program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. So he audaciously persuaded a committee of professors to take a chance on him.  It was a good gamble: He would later become a professor of protein engineering and Nano-biotechnology at the same university, and one of its most prolific inventors and serial entrepreneurs.  

Lunch on your own at Weizmann Institute and visitor’s center

Visit to Evogene   where plant species are being developed to help feed the planet. Evogene is a leading computational biotechnology company developing novel products for life science markets through the use of a unique Computational Predictive Biology (‘CPB’) platform. We may have a chance to go into the hot houses.

Visit the Ayalon Institute a pre-State clandestine munitions factory.  How to hide the obvious.    
The story of the bullet factory literally underneath the noses of the British. Consider the institute’s story as a paradigm of the military innovation that feeds Israel’s “Start-Up Nation” Culture.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 3

Tel Aviv and Herzliya

Meet with one of the most interesting people in the Israeli start up scene, Kira Radinsky now the chief technology officer and chairwoman of Diagnostic Robotics.   Radinsky formerly at eBay where she was their chief scientist in Israel and director of data science.   Diagnostic Robotics, founded in 2017, develops an artificial intelligence-based prediction system for the healthcare industry, and remains in stealth mode.   She first made global headlines after developing an algorithm that analyses news and social media to predict potential disasters, succeeding in predicting Cuba’s first cholera episode in 50 years. 

  Travel to the coast north of Tel Aviv to meet with Zebra Medical Vision Ltd.     Israel-based Zebra Medical uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for the automated analysis of radiological scans such as X-ray, CT, and MRI. Its technology can detect various medical conditions, including fractures and low mineral density in bones, liver diseases, lung conditions and cardiovascular problems. The company received a CE Mark (EU approval) for seven of its products to date, and its technology is also approved for use in some Latin American and Asian countries.

Visit Elminda in Herzliya a company that envisions a world in which brain healthcare is intelligent, data-driven and available to everyone.   

Integrating big-data repositories and deep-learning algorithms, our state-of-the-art BNA™ (Brain Network Analytics) technology holds the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of brain-related disorders by measuring how effectively different parts of the brain are connecting and communicating 

Lunch in Herzliya

Hear from executives at SightDiagnostics; Sight Diagnostics uses advanced computer-vision and machine-learning technology in the field of blood diagnostics. The company’s initial product, the Parasight platform, is a highly accurate, easy-to-use device for diagnosing malaria.

Visit the Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR) at Tel Hashomer.  MSR is a world leader in Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME) and patient safety training.  Simulation modalities – whether sophisticated robotics, surgical simulators or role-playing actors – are uniquely effective for training and assessing the core skills of medical professionals across the healthcare spectrum, without placing patients at risk during the process.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 4

Innovation and Academia

Visit with officials at the Innovation Authority, Israel’s government arm supporting R&D at the leading edge of the startup nation.    Understand how the Israeli government plays a role in the Start-up Nation ecosystem

Continue to Hebrew University campus and their start-up village where a number of early stage companies are making waves.    Meet with one of the companies like Lightricks, New Stem or BrainQ Technologies.

Lunch on Hebrew University Campus

Meeting with Yissum,   The Hebrew University technology transfer organization to learn how basic research gets translated to commercial application. 

BIO Jerusalem.  Meet with the directors of the Jerusalem municipality’s efforts to encourage and support life science initiative in the ancient capital.  

Special visit to the Einstein Archives  where we can hear from the curator of the archives how the papers that Einstein wrote in the early 20th Century have transformed the world as we know it today and how all of Einstein’s works found their way to the Hebrew University.