Track 1

Beersheva and Cyberspark

Depart Jerusalem, and travel to Rechovot

Visit the Ayalon Institute a pre-State clandestine munitions factory.  How to hide the obvious.    
The story of the bullet factory literally underneath the noses of the British. Consider the institute’s story as a paradigm of the military innovation that feeds Israel’s “Start-Up Nation” Culture.

Continue to Beer Sheva University   meet with young researchers in the computer science department and their professors to hear about the program and its relationship to Cyber Security efforts.

Lunch on your own on or near Campus

Meetings at Cyberspark, the Israeli Cyber Innovation Arena in Beer-Sheva. It is a joint venture of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office, Beer Sheva Municipality, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and leading companies in the cybersecurity industry.   We will meet with executives of the leading cyber companies in the region and with some of the early stage start-ups that are leveraging the connection between Industry, Academia and the military.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 2

Making the desert bloom

Depart Jerusalem and head south to the city of Ashdod where we will meet with the companies working at the Kitchen, and incubator/Accelerator dedicated to the food industry.   We will meet with selected founders of some of the more interesting companies including a talk with the director of the “The Kitchen”

From there we will head to Kibbutz Hazterim on the outskirts of Beer Sheva.   We will start out in the Jojoba fields and learn how the kibbutznikim have identified this desert plant as one that has amazing heath qualities.  

Then we will tour the kibbutz and hear of its founding story against all odds and the unlikely discovery of the Netafim drip irrigation techniques that have changed the way agriculture is practiced throughout the world.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 3

Haifa and the Galilee

Depart Jerusalem and travel to the North,

Visit with Insightec a company that develops and distributes the Exablate platform, which provides noninvasive treatments for a variety of oncology and gynecology indications. They use a process that combines high-intensity focused ultrasound guided by magnetic resonance imaging.  Focused ultrasound waves are used to safely ablate targeted tissue, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness with minimal side effects. In the last 3 years they have received FDA approval for their process.

Meet with officials at Rambam Medtech   Medtech, serves as the Technology Transfer office TTO of Rambam medical Center.  Rambam MedTech Ltd. is authorized by the Israeli government to handle all innovations and intellectual property (IP) generated by Rambam physicians and scientists.  We can meet with the directors an hear of some of the interesting ideas that are coming from here,  including ground breaking work mat their Stem cell and Regenerative Center

Continue to Trendines, an accelerator in the Galilee that has successfully launched a number of medical device companies that are changing the medical landscape.  Meet with the CEOs of some of the more exciting young medical startups such as Vessi Medical who is developing breakthrough technology for the treatment of bladder cancer, one of the most common and often recurring cancers. Or ZygoFix   the least invasive of any existing technology for spinal fusion for patients suffering from severe lower back conditions.

Finally,  a stop at the Crusader Hospitalier fortress in Acco,  where crusader nights in the 12th Century created a place to provide support for the knights here in the Holy land.   This has been declared a world Heritage site by UNESCO.

Return to Jerusalem

Track 4

Innovation in Tel Aviv

Depart Jerusalem and travel to Tel Aviv

In Tel we will visit the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.   Here you can get a front row seat sharing Shimon Peres’s vision for a Middle East united in its efforts to create a region that uses innovation as a tool for improving the lives of all the regions players.

A short tour of the important Christian sites in Jaffa including Simon the Tanner’s house and Jaffa’s St Peter’s Church.  Then walk through Jaffa’s colorful flea market, where entrepreneurship is at its most raw form and have time for lunch at one of Jaffa’s many delicious restaurants on your own.

Meet with a fascinating start-up, Vocalis Health, (formerly Beyond Verbal) to hear of its breakthrough technology using voice imprint data for early identification of health issues.

Meet with veterans of the famous 8200 electronic intelligence unit to hear firsthand how they are leveraging their experience to help young startups become successful through their 8200 alumni association non profit

Travel to Herzliya to meet with one of the premier VC funds to get an insight on how the leading funds are investing in Israel to enhance their return to their investors.

Return to Jerusalem